Sunday, March 31, 2013

My next project

Yeah, I know. I don't have enough going on. My friend, PR, moved to a new house. Amazingly enough, at 30plus minutes from work, she'll be a lot closer!!

The house brand spankin new though it is, is smaller. So, I got to inherit a couple of pieces! The first has been in her garage story tennis equipment and such. I saw it ages ago and began my coveting.

I knew it could make a smashing liquor cabinet. It's been so long, I've actually attempted to buy a couple of other cabinets to turn into a liquore cabinet, but none of them quite did it for me. So, I finally gave up and just waited patiently for the MOVE, so then it would be mine.

As a quick side note, they hired off duty firement. Oh. My. I say. Oh. My. As much as I love the movers that have moved me every single time...I'm pretty good at packing my shit up at this point, and those firemen were delightfully good looking. How they managed to get my new items in the car is beyond me. In addition, it brings home my concerns about what type of car I should get next, I love convertibles, but the SUV is very useful.

My plan is to find two thin mirrors to place on the doors. I also hope to paint it silver.  It shall become a most fabulous bar...hopefully without the dog crates to the left.

Then inside I would love to find some cool wallpaper to paper the whole thing. I've already removed the wardrobe hook at the top, and it had two hooks at the bottom that I've removed.

 I've found a wine storage unit that can fit in the cabinet, but I will have to cut a bit of the back to make room for the two inches. Then I can add shelves above the wine storage and to the left.

I also got a dresser that is now under my TV. I wish it were darker, but it matches the chest next to it. Of course, I've been staring at the chest for months trying to decide what to do with it...

I like the lines on the dresser a lot, but I kinda want to paint it... decisions, decisions.

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