Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How do people do it???

I'm following about a dozen blogs now. I find myself constantly wondering how do they find time to blog regularly. Honestly, I have it on my list to do EVERY. DAY. Yet, as you can see... not happening all that often.

One, nothing happens to me. Well, nothing worth writing about. Two, I have no time. I feel like I am constantly on the move from one activity to another and once I slow down and sit. That's it. Done. Nothing else happens.

And when something does happen, so much time passes between the event of interest and my ability to sit and write about it that it somehow doesn't see quite so interesting or note worthy. It's a catch 22 people. To write about the good stuff I have to stop what is happening to write at which point the good stuff is no longer happening.  

And to be totally honest, I spend a lot of time snuggling with the dogs. They are so very sweet and warm when they are being quiet and snuggly. So I spend a lot of time working on the computer... and snuggling.

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