Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stupid stories from the life and times

From today....

I am one of two sponsors of Hi-lites; a girl's service organization. We have 2 dances a year, girls ask the boys. A mom calls and asks if girls from other schools are allowed to ask boys to the dance. No they aren't. She says that her daughter asked a boy, but the boys mom said that he was asked by a girl at another school. And every person involved in this stupid story has a different story about what happened. Bleh.

Student A gets yelled at by her editor student B. A says something to her boyfriend as she leaves the class. Her boyfriend sees boy 2 and tells him A called B a bitch.; boy 2 tells girl B (his girlfriend) about it. She laughs but tells me.

Gets back to A who tells me that boy 2 told her that student A hates her. OH EM G. Are you kidding me???? Stupid drama with a boy in the middle????? What has my life come to?

Today I get a call from my dr who wants to see me again. The doctor who suggested I get blood work done but didnt' mention it was $1500 worth of blood work. And please remember this is the dr who I understand about every third word because she's from someplace south of here and she has a lovely but thick accent.

Stupid drummer who I am desperately trying to get rid of forever by not having him do the programming for the directories any more. He sends an email asking if we can meet for dinner so he can talk to me about the class at the high school that is going to take over to be sure that it will work. I told him I would try to get the number of the teacher because I'm not the right person to answer if they can do it or not. How does he not yet understand that I want NOTHING to do with him? Dummmbassss

Coworker gets pissed at me over honest to God a fairly stupid issue. Of the many things in this world to get upset about, trust me when I tell you this was minor. And easy to fix. Didn't matter. Completely unable to see outside of her own point of view. It's just exhausting. God knows life can be shitty enough, but life is short, and getting upset over something that is relatively easy to fix and or change seems like a waste.

Oh, and I am in the middle of a trillion ad appointments with parents. They make me tired. Very tired.

Yeah, that sums up my world. Tiresome. Irksome. The Usual.

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