Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's a shame that no man is an island

I spent most of yesterday incredibly frustrated. People are a beating.

1. I had a woman remind me that she would really like her senior ad to be correct, after all her kids names were spelled wrong on the name stamp of their books last year. I told her that when the book wasn't being done by teenagers and the administration let me do everything, then it would be perfect. Until then we would just have to try to do our best.

2. 5 weeks ago I got on the hphsmedia website and was horrified. (This is after last spring when the newspaper adviser told me that her kids wanted to be totally in charge of the website and we didn't need double leadership. Ok. They haven't done crap. And they are probably getting 100's. Cause that's the bullshit that goes on. I had a guy come in two weeks ago to help "review' how to do everything because that was the problem. Got on yesterday. Still horrible. So horrible that there is a photo on the front page with my dog. Cause we used it to review how to add a photo two weeks ago. Sure. Why not.

3. Set up a time WEEKS ago to go shopping with a friend because I need help figuring out a couple of outfits. She told me last night she forgot her sister was coming in, so she couldn't do it.

I wish I was an island. It would be easier.

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