Monday, October 12, 2009

You never know who is watching/reading

OK, so update to the conference from Hell and Twittering incident of 09. Turns out it was a way bigger deal than I had realized. By the end of the day Wednesay, I had an email from the principal requesting my presence.

I really like my principal. There is some stuff that he does that makes me nutty, but basically, a really great person who is good in a pinch. Since I find myself in many a pinch, this characteristic has proven particulary useful to me.

My guess is that 2 different people who sat at our “school’s” table at some point sent emails to the principal basically saying I was a bad rep of the school. I have to admit I was virulent in my unhappiness, but I’m not sure I said anything that was over the top horrible. The problem is that this particular organization seems to incite kool-aid drinkin’ if you know what I mean. If you’ve been drinking the kool-aid and someone then talks smack about it, I guess you get riled up your own self.

So, I’m taking my lumps on that one.

The twitter thing I still think is BS. So, my twitters will have to be private for a while.

In addition, Friday at the football game I got two different comments from two different people. One comment “Boy aren’t you the talk of the town right now”. . . greeeaaatttt. The second? from a principal at one of the other schools that said he heard about it from the VP of the organization whose fine program I was bashing. Crikey. Typical luck for me.

That, then got me thinking about the blog. I have certainly poured my heart, life and humor into this thing, and I would be really, really distraught if I had to delete it without having a chance to save it. So, I have actually begun the process of pulling everything off the site and reorganizing chronologically (instead of backwards chronologically) and making sure the pictures transfer over etc. It’s a lot harder than you might think. It’s also weird because there are sooo many pages. I am a verbal little monkey, I can say that.

Some of my old posts are actually hard to read, especially when I write about past relationships. Some are great. I had totally forgotten some of the stupid stuff that has happened to me.

I know I should be careful in what I write anyway because I don’t know who is reading it, and I don’t know how they are interpreting.

On the other hand, I’ve been life on the edge for a while now, so what the hell.

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